Along with his own creative works, Steve Angel performs his favorite and original musical arrangements of the song classics loved by all.

Song highlights include popular selections of Pop, Rock, Swing, Jazz, Soul, Country, International Ballroom Favorites

and the Top Music Hits of Today.

Steve Angel’s Concert Song List is available by request. Click here.

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All music samples are live performance recordings.


Steve Angel ‘World of Music’ Experience


Steve Angel Duo & Band featuring Sarah M


Steve Angel Solo ‘One Man Band’


Croon! Lounge, Swing ‘n’ Jazz


Classic Pop Rock ‘n’ Country


Trumpet Spectacular


Accordion ‘Songs around the World’


Steve Angel’s Music of Italy


Steve Angel’s Music of France


Open your ears and fill your heart with the power of music during Steve Angel’s World of Music Show. Experience a uniquely curated collection of musical hits from the past 70 years, re-imagined without musical borders.

From Pop Rock to Ballroom music and a world in between, Steve Angel delivers an expert and electrifying performance that takes you on a musical journey that is both familiar and fresh, a fusion of classic and modern sounds. Weaving storytelling and songs with precision, Steve Angel exposes the beauty that exists in the world of music singing a variety of styles and playing guitar, trumpet, piano and accordion.

The Steve Angel World of Music Show brings audiences together to laugh, sing, dance, and share in an unforgettable evening that leaves them wanting more.


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