"Calendar Spotlight" (Artvoice Buffalo, July 2006)
"Angel coming home for the Holidays" (Oakville Beaver, December 2005)
"Valrico's Steve Angel touring internationally..." (Brandon-Valrico News, August 2005)
"Steve Angel is..." (Tampa Bay Times, July 2005)
"Local Bands' CDs all over the map" (Tampa Tribune, July 2005)
"Be an Angel, Steve, and play some more originals" (Brandon News, June 2005)
"This Angel wants to have a little fun" (Mississauga News, December 2001)
"Angel iz svetoga gozda" (Pilot Magazine, July 2001)
"Angel from the Holy Forest" - translated (Pilot Magazine, July 2001)
"Local talent shines" (Oakville Today, June 2001)
"Local musician off to Europe to promote debut CD" (Oakville Beaver, June 2001)
"A word from the fans!"

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