11/11/2008 Steve Angel's recent mini-tour of the western United States in promotion of 'Find My Way' was received very well by audiences. Fantastic venues, the crowds were plenty and his newest showcased material had a positive response by listeners throughout. As Steve continues in the midst of writing for his third album, production is tentatively set to begin sometime in late 2009. This, along with a series of European performance dates scheduled and the birth of his second child, art and life will certainly show a busy year ahead for Steve Angel. Photos of the west coast tour are up in the gallery for viewing. You can check them out and stay tuned for these and more updates as the upcoming year unfolds!

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06/15/2008 Steve Angel is touring across the south western United States in continued promotion of 'Find My Way' this September. He will also be showcasing new material for the upcoming release of his next CD project to be released sometime in 2009. Visit the LIVE page his complete performance schedule.

09/09/2006 Well the summer is over and an exciting one it was! The last few months brought some real heat to the Steve Angel project beginning with a tour of the East Coast. He had the opportunity to perform at some amazing venues with some awesomely gifted songwriters. Faces were plenty, met with some extraordinary people and he played his ass off to another road worthy experience! Photos of tour highlights are available at the Steve Angel tour gallery for your viewing pleasure.

On to much greater news, Steve Angel and his wife are expecting the birth of their first child due in October of 2006. They are both extremely overjoyed and looking forward to the moment with a great huge smile! As you would imagine this will put the Steve Angel project at rest for a little while as he begins a whole new trippy adventure...the birth of life!

Continuing tour plans and the recording of his third solo project are scheduled for the near future. We will keep you updated as these progress. New CD reviews are also posted in the reviews section and for those of you on myspace.com, Steve Angel has joined the myspace.com/steveangelproject revolution. If any of you are hooked up, drop a line anytime!

The first single, The Good Life made a fantastic run on the national airwaves. Featured on Hot A/C and AAA radio formats across the United States, The Good Life received an overall positive response from listeners all over!

Find My Way is available on iTunes along with other major retailers online. Visit the Steve Angel store for details. Hope your summer was safe and we'll see you at the next show!

06/09/2006 Steve Angel will be touring the Eastern United States and select Canadian cities in promotion of his latest CD Find My Way. Visit the live section for up-to-date tour info. New reviews of Find My Way have also been posted in the reviews section for your reading pleasure and radio play for the single release of The Good Life continues spinning across America on AAA/Hot A/C formats...very exciting!

What about the next Steve Angel project? New material is in the works and the CD is due to be released in 2007. For those of you who are interested in purchasing a copy of Find My Way, it is available at various online retail locations. Check out the Steve Angel Store for details!

12/05/2005 Steve Angel's tour de Europe has found its way back to America with pleasing success. 10 shows, 9 countries, 2 cancelled to sickness... it was a road worthy rock 'n' roll experience! The crowds were generously receptive and all in all, friendships were made, marvelled some trippy sites, and the Angel played his heart out. Tour photos are in the gallery at steveangel.com.

Also exciting news, the national US radio campaign for the first single The Good Life is playing well across the country on CHR/AAA and Hot A/C stations and receiving a positive tone of response. We're getting plenty of spins and I would like to thank Howard Rosen Promotions for your wonderful support in promotion of Find My Way. We're keeping our ears open for the next play!

Find My Way is now available through various online retail outlets. If you haven't purchased a copy, visit the store at steveangel.com and select the chain of your choice.It could make an excellent upcoming Holiday gift! Note there has been a delay in the availability of 'Find my way' through Apple iTunes (mp3 download) which will be resolved in the next month or so.

An Eastern US tour is currently being organized for the spring of 2006 that will take Steve Angel from Tampa to Boston and likely a couple Canadian dates will be added in the mix as well. Yes Canadian fans...Steve will be showcasing once again at the Roxbury in Oakville, ON (Canada) on Wednesday, December 28th, 2005 @ 8pm. For those of you who missed the chance in July, here's your opportunity to catch him live and hear versions of his songs performed in an intimate duo setting.

More news on Publishing, CD reviews and the upcoming US tour as the New Year unfolds!

09/19/2005 A European tour is scheduled for the CD release of Find My Way beginning September 28 in London, England and will take the Steve Angel Project across the European landscape to Nice, France. Visit the live section for details on which cities and venues he will be performing in. Also great news, Steve Angel has acquired new representation - Andrew Boutilier, of Pro Star Management will be overseeing all of Steve Angel's musical endeavours as the future unfolds. September 26th begins the launch of a national US radio campaign in both CHR/AAA and Hot A/C formats featuring Steve Angel's single The Good Life. And for those interested in the first CD review of Find My Way, it has been posted in the reviews section for your reading pleasure. All this and more exciting news coming up in the next few months including US tour dates, major distribution and a Publishing opportunity in the works! Stay tuned...

05/20/2005 Thursday July 7, 2005 @ 8 PM will be the "official" Canadian CD Release of Find My Way. The location will be at he Roxbury in Oakville, Ontario. Admission will be an open donation and the room is a large venue so reservations or pre ticket sales will not be required. All those who attend the show are guaranteed to enter. A copy of the CD 'Find My Way' will be available that night for the price of $10 or $15 if you'd like a copy of the re-mastered version of 'Hollywood' included.

If anyone has a reason to visit the insanely wet & hot Florida in July, the "official" CD Release date for the US will be Friday July 29, 2005 starting 8:30 PM @ the Fox & Hounds in Brandon, Florida. Copies of the new CD will also be available that night for $10 US and it's quite possible we might even get in a few Irish drinking songs later in the night...maybe inspire a happy thought or two!

05/05/2005 May 5-05 is the official release date of Steve Angel's second CD titled 'Find My Way' - ten tracks of well-knit, introspective Rock Music in a blend of sounds that has elevated the Steve Angel project to a new level of sonic enlightenment. Produced by Anthony McGuire and Steve Angel, you can hear a preview at his updated website and visit the music section. Other exciting news will bring Steve Angel to the US college circuit in which he will perform a series of showcases throughout the upcoming year. Additionally, a European tour is currently being arranged in promotion of Steve's latest CD and should we not forget, the CD release party will be hosted in both the US and Canada this June/July. For those of you interested in purchasing an advanced copy of 'Find My Way', you can visit the online store section of the website, or if you happen to catch a live show, CD's are also available. Stay tuned to steveangel.com for more information on upcoming events and show dates to the CD launch of Find My Way at a location near you.