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(directed and edited by Jay Tipping)

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Hollywood Venus

Slip on my dream-shirt, pop world hurricane
Struttin’ to the new beat with a red sun, no rain
In a sweet velvet planet she’s a girl so fine
In a sweet velvet planet the mystery unwinds

She’s a high-heel Hollywood Venus
A high-heel Hollywood star
In a world that’s so far between us
She’s a Hollywood (a Hollywood)

Like a Roman love-goddess living in a comic strip
She’s a lounge doll baby, soda-pop-rocket-trip
The billboards are calling on the silver screen
The billboards are calling on the cosmic queen


Hands across her blue eyes
She hides behind her blue skies
With a cross inside her pocket she rules the night

She’s a midnight movie of a fabulous birth
Filming Venus as the sky falls to the earth
Riding on the crest of a platform wave
In her platform shoes she’s a disco rave


She’s a Hollywood Venus…

Music by Steve Angel
Words by John Winkels
Copyright 2000 Steve Angel (Zing Music Publishing) All Rights Reserved.