The Good Life

Looking back how my years have passed
Never gave ‘m any meaning at all
Caught up in a haze of loneliness and lies
But now that I am found it’s my time to realize

Getting older it don’t bother me
Living the good life is the better way I thank
Spend all my days telling myself be true
And live for each day is all that I can do

The good life
Living the good life
Good life
Living the good life


It’s never too late to make a change and rearrange that funny life of yours
You just got to rise above, high above, open your heart to the closing doors
Won’t you take a look inside, far deep inside your world of hurt and frustration?
‘Cause maybe then you will find, only then you’ll find a screaming revelation

Holding on my my past no more
Reason is I’m living the good life
My future it plays a heartfelt melody
Takes me to a place where my life should be


The good life
Good life
The good life
Living the good life

The good life...

Words & Music by Steve Angel
Copyright 2004 Steve Angel (Zing Music Publishing) All Rights Reserved.