Smart & Sexy

Smart & sexy, a two of a kind
Plays her game a secret ‘then she robs your heart blind
And when all said and done ain't much you can say
She’s smart & sexy that way

Just like an Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
Smiles like an angel from the heavenly above
A tasty world of pleasure and delight
She’s smart & sexy alright

Can you imagine an ocean torn apart?
Try to imagine a worthless broken heart
Living your whole life a sin, should it be so wrong?
When all you need to do is get along

Smart & sexy it's hot like the sun
Living in the moment like it's you're last one
My superhero, my queen honey bee
She’s smart & sexy to me, yeah

Smart & sexy to me
Nothing else that she could be
For all the world they could see
She’s smart & sexy to me

She’s smart & sexy, smart & sexy, smart & sexy to me
Whoah! Smart & Sexy, Yeah!

Words & Music by Steve Angel
Copyright 2004 Steve Angel (Zing Music Publishing) All Rights Reserved.