If I Could Find My Way

Sometimes I need to get away
And leave the world behind
Let myself escape
All my crazy thoughts accumulate
It kills me from the inside
I get so afraid
Living life with uncertainty
It’s hard to meet the end
So I find a place to become one with myself again
No way, this world can drag me down
Fear, I will survive
A must do or die

If I could find my way I’d like
To let the world into my life
I will sing and praise for all my days
If I could find my way, oh yeah

So many times I wonder why
That I can never get out
All the mess trapped in my mind
Stuck with me I realize
I gotta look into myself
And welcome the sight
What’s a life always on the run?
When the mind is spun all-day
Move ahead by the step, a task I try to undertake
I’ll win my ways through good or bad
The end ‘l work out right
Without asking why


While love is on my side
I will be free
Won’t let my heart bleed


Words & Music by Steve Angel
Copyright 2004 Steve Angel (Zing Music Publishing) All Rights Reserved.