Everybody Wants to be A Star

Back at a young age I still recall
One hit wonders; their rise and fall
Now I wanna join a world of celebrity.

A rock ‘n’ roll or reality star
High school rebel with a fast car
Politicians or daddy with some money, they'll get you there

Almost every night I watch TV
But I find it stares right back at me
Seems I’m not alone having little much to say

Fame is over-rated shouldn't you know
Just like another stupid talk show
Ain’t no escape it’s all too sensational

Everybody wants to be a star
No matter if you're tuned in to who you are
Being in the spotlight’s the only way to get off
Every day’s another shining star
But why call it real when no one knows who you are
Living in the spotlight ‘l only get you so far
Everybody wants to be a star

I'm out of air, let’s stop right here
Time for reality to disappear
You’re fifteen is up, shit out of luck can’t you see


Everybody wants to be a star…

Words & Music by Steve Angel
Copyright 2004 Steve Angel (Zing Music Publishing) All Rights Reserved.