Steve Angel. Singer, songwriter, musician, performer. The consummate artist, Steve Angel is all of these as he proves time and time again that music is "...a trip you don't want to end, the highest high, the greatest escape... [it's] ultimate freedom...".

It’s this attitude that has allowed Steve to strive for a creative balance of mind and soul in all that he does. From his humble musical beginnings on accordion, followed by guitar and trumpet, to his ever-increasing rise into the pop-rock world with two powerful CD’s under his belt, “Hollywood” and “Find my Way”, Steve Angel never forgets his harmonious commitment to communicate as honest a representation of his music as possible to his audience.

Not one to rest in the past, Steve Angel continues to set new goals, going beyond all expectation and compromise. It has been a journey that has brought Steve's music to listeners throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

And as Steve Angel “finds his way”, be sure that this is just the beginning…