An Angel From The Holy Forest (Pilot magazine, July 2001)

Just as the majority of other musicians he also lives in some kind of his own blessed forest and when his archangel sends him a sign he tries to grasp it and convert it into song.

Steve Angel, the son of Slovenian parents was born in the United States and resides in Canada. He graduated from the academy of music in Toronto and now he is making a living as a professional musician. He began his “original project” about five years ago and has recorded his first solo CD titled “Hollywood”. Steve is in Slovenia these days where he is promoting his debut album on radio and TV stations. Last Saturday he performed as a guest at the Melodies of the Sea and Sun festival in Portorose.

Steve Angel started his music career in a Canadian-Slovenian folk band called the “Sounds of Slovenia”, where he performed Continental music. The band was invited to tour the country of their ancestors during independence in 1990, however the war prevented them from performing. After the group disbanded, Steve decided to pursue other musical endeavours alongside his own ‘original’ project. “You couldn’t make a living in Canada just playing one style of music, and because I wanted to deal with music on a professional level I established a group that performs pop-rock and other forms of popular mainstream music".

Hollywood was released in May. How has the CD been doing and what kind of response has it been receiving?

“I am very pleased with the response from the CD. Even happier so when I notice from the stage how a song can effect someone.”

You are not only a performer and singer, but also the composer. Where do you get your inspiration from or how do your songs come about?

“Just as many other artists, I too live in some kind of my own holy forest and when my archangel sends me a sign I try to grasp it and convert it into song.”

How do you feel, now that you have your own thing going on?

“Now I can write and perform music that is me. The best feeling for a musician is when they can play what they like and what comes from their soul.”

What is most important for an artist’s success?

“It’s important that the music comes from the soul and that it’s honest.”

What do you think of the Slovenian pop scene?

“I have heard some interesting music from Pop groups including Nude, Big Foot Mama and Siddharta and I can say that they are at the same musical level as other Canadian and American groups I listen to.”

You decided to become an independent artist. Is it difficult making a living with only music in the land of the Maple Leaf?

“My heart does not allow me to pursue any other profession. If I want to live comfortably I have to work hard at it. Music is a very difficult yet rewarding profession.”

In Portorose, you performed alongside many Slovenian musicians and singers. With which famous pop star would you like to perform with, if you got the chance?

“My biggest wish would be fulfilled if I had the chance to jam with Bono and U2.”

Where do you see the future of your music?

“My main goal is to continue making music. Hoping it gets in the ears of listeners and that I keep fans entertained is my ultimate reward.”

You can check out Steve Angel at to find out more.


(translated by Denis Majzelj)