A Word From The FANS!

“This songwriter is a promising storyteller, expressive singer too. Good luck. I give extra credit for originality and male vocals.”
Cave Creek, Arizona

“Off the hinges, I could listen to it all night. It was outstanding. You did a great job putting the songs together. Well done. The clarity was great. It (band) meshed well together. Everything was there. I haven't seen the look yet, but you guys have what it takes."
Charlotte, North Carolina

“Wow. I love it! I don't say that about too many songs here. You are VERY good and I expect to hear more from you. Thanks for letting me listen!"
Cuyahoga Fall, Ohio

“Classic guitar sound! Cool! Sounds Retro? I can´t figure out who you sound like...probably a good thing. Nice vocals! The guitar sound is excellent! I like it. Good Luck!"
Stockholm, Sweden

“Way Cool! The vocals sound very nice. Cool!"
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“OK, I can dig this one... The production is pretty good. I like the arrangements and feel. Vocals were good... It’s cool to hear one on “Garageband” that is actually pretty good."
Columbus, Ohio

On "Hollywood Venus" (title track)

“Kick butt song guys! This song has every element of being successful. Perfect fills, great hooks, great build up. I give this song a five! I don't do this too often, feel blessed."
Lawrenceburg, Indiana

“HHH Venus…Nice job. Catchy title too. The keys sound great as well as the production. The progression is cool too."
New York City, New York

“Smooth and energetic! Like this tune very much! Nice smooth verse parts and a great change into the catchy hook (chorus). Well done and good luck!"
Koeln, Germany

“Great tune! I like this song. Male vocalist has a great voice. Great use of multiple instruments and the song has a great message, too. Nice work. I like the originality."
Chicago, Illinois