Steve Angel – Singer, musician, entertainer and songwriter. The consummate artist, Steve Angel is all of these as he proves time and time again that music is “…a trip you don’t want to end, the greatest high… [it’s] ultimate freedom.”

Steve Angel has entertained throughout the USA, Canada and Europe to music lovers from all walks. As an elite, world-class entertainer, Steve Angel’s ‘World of Music’ Experience presents a unique, expertly curated collection of songs performed in his unmistakable, original style that include popular musical hits of the past 70 years. A multi-faceted artist, Steve’s performances include singing (in 5 languages), playing trumpet, guitar, the accordion and piano; each with prodigious excellence.

Over Steve’s career he has performed in excess of 3,000 shows from solo to full band. The charm and spontaneity that he brings to the stage has established his reputation in a class of its own. Hip, hot, and electrifying, his performance will indulge the spirit and satisfy the soul.

Steve Angel performances include Concert Theatre Shows, Casino Showrooms, Cruise Ships, Corporate and Special Events.

Music description: Jazz Pop Country Rock & International Ballroom Music

“My show is about entertaining people through interpretation and the reimaging of songs without
musical borders and exposing the audience to the beauty that exists in the world of music.”
– Steve Angel

“When it’s a great song it doesn’t matter where it comes from.”
– Steve Angel

“Variety in Music is the Spice of Life.”
– Steve Angel


“Steve Angel has unparalleled musicianship and soul.”
– Music Critic

“What I like most about pop songwriter Steve Angel is that he’s a playful lyricist.”
– Music Critic

“His style is appealing, kind of like pop, country and jazz with earthy tones delivered by a well-travelled soul.”
– Music Critic

“He’s found his groove and his voice. A bit of wit and a whisper of wisdom blended with plenty of honest, free-spirited playfulness make Steve Angel an uplifting, energizing listen.”
– Music Critic

“Your musical talents were greatly appreciated by our guest audience. There has been nothing but rave reviews about the evening.”
– Music Venue

“This songwriter is a promising storyteller, expressive singer too. Good luck. I give extra credit for originality and male vocals.”
– Fan from Cave Creek, Arizona

“Everyone loved your performance. Your talent and musical flexibility are totally awesome!”
– Music Venue

“It’s like no other show. Steve Angel is a one of a kind musical act.”
– Fan from Bradenton, Florida

“Off the hinges, I could listen to him all night. It was outstanding.”
– Fan from Charlotte, North Carolina 

“A fun and sophisticated show.”
– Fan from Toronto, Ontario

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